Who am I?

…a Christian, housewife, and mother


First things first, I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus. I remind myself this almost daily and do my best to put God above all else. I have been studying the book of Romans lately and it has really brought the Gospel home to my soul. He has set me free from sin, and I am saved by “grace through faith.” Now He is prodding for me to walk in that faith and be brave.

I am a “help meet” to my hardworking husband and a stay at home mom of two children. I used to work outside the home as a nurse until after my second child was born.  I did not find fulfillment working as a nurse. A lot of tension within myself settled when I became a housewife and stay at home mom. Not too long after this, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. (More on that later.)

I have finally been paying more attention to the journey God has set before me, and my hope is to reach others with my testimony. I have prayed and had many thoughts over the last few years about the purpose of my life, and I often come back to the thought: “If I can help one person find Jesus, then it shall be worth it.” How can I do this? He is telling me, “Be brave and give Me away.”